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ONE teaspoon (5 ml) of our EPA DHA Supplement contains:

omega 3 Fatty acids
0 mg
omega 6 fatty acids
0 mg
Vitamin E

Not all dietary supplements were created equal...

Unlike most dietary supplements, NEUROASPIS plp10 is a FORMULA. This means that every SINGLE one of its ingredients is included because of its specific health support* benefits.

NEUROASPIS plp10 proprietary FORMULA is the result of 14 years of Research & Development by a team of scientists distinguished in the fields of Neurology, Immunology, Lipidology and Clinical Nutrition.

NEUROASPIS plp10 was created to represent our 3 core beliefs – INTEGRITY, SUSTAINABILITY and INNOVATION

NEUROASPIS plp10 – the EPA DHA Supplement with liquid Omega 3 6 9 fish oil formulated with your needs in mind…

EPA DHA Supplement Liquid Omega 3 Fish Oil
NEUROASPIS plp10 Fish Equivalent

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The Journey of NEUROASPIS plp10

From Research to Development​
The Journey of NEUROASPIS plp10 begun more than 14 years ago, with a team of highly qualified Scientists and Healthcare Professionals researching and developing the NEUROASPIS plp10 patented dietary supplement formula.
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Manufacturing Facility
As with everything we do – the manufacturing facility of NEUROASPIS plp10 not only adheres to the relevant Dietary Supplement regulations, but also aspires to stay one step ahead by looking to implement new regulations that might be required by the relevant authorities.
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Our Quality Motto
The policy at the heart of everything we do to ensure that we only deliver to You and to your loved ones, the highest quality of products is that of “Check, Re-Check and Check again”.
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The Recipe of Success
With the ingredients now successfully tested and approved for use, the next step of the manufacturing methodology involves the mixing of these ingredients into a proprietary composition using proprietary steps detailed in the formulation of NEUROASPIS plp10.
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Manufacturing System Advantage
Moving on to the next step of the manufacturing methodology, the NEUROASPIS plp10 proprietary mixture is now ready to be placed into individual glass bottles using a Closed Manufacturing System.
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Innovative Bottling Technology
The glass bottles now containing NEUROASPIS plp10 go straight to the Nitrogen Purging Station, where the innovative technology of Nitrogen Purging is used to further protect the quality of the product.
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Our Quality Motto Continued
Not a single bottle of NEUROASPIS plp10 will be released for shipping or distribution to consumers, before the testing results prove that every newly-manufactured NEUROASPIS plp10 batch adheres to specifications. Our Quality Motto of “Check, Re-Check and Check Again” comes into play yet again.
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