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Integrity | Sustainability | Innovation

Gemworth Health proudly presents NEUROASPIS plp10 – the PREMIUM dietary supplement made from sustainably sourced natural oils and vitamins of the highest quality.

  • You might be wondering, what does “premium dietary supplement” really mean?

It’s simple. From the development of its proprietary formula of Omega 3 & 6, Vitamin A & Vitamin E to its manufacture, testing and delivery to our customers, every step of the NEUROASPIS plp10 Journey has been meticulously designed and carried out with THREE goals in mind: SAFETY, QUALITY, PURITYQuality Control and Quality Assurance experts overlook every step of the NEUROASPIS plp10 Product Journey to verify and safeguard NEUROASPIS plp10 quality. We would never be ok with receiving inferior goods and neither should our customers. 

  • You might also be wondering what is so “special” about NEUROASPIS plp10?
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Here at Gemworth Health we genuinely believe that the end results speak for themselves. Which is why we developed a product that would standout in the competitive market of dietary supplements due to its purity and quality delivering the most premium experience to you. 

  • In terms of what drives us and what we believe in, we live and work by 3 Core Principles: INTEGRITY, SUSTAINABILITY and INNOVATION

If you believe in the same ethics and values as us, we would love to team up to share NEUROASPIS plp10 with the World…

Just ONE teaspoon (5 ml) of NEUROASPIS plp10 contains:

Omega 3 Fatty Acids
Omega 6 Fatty Acids
0 mg
Vitamin E
0 mg
Gamma Tocopherol
Omega Fatty Acids
0 : 1
Vitamin A
0 mg
Gamma Tocopherol

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