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Best EPA Supplement

ONE teaspoon (5 ml) of our EPA DHA Supplement contains:

omega 3 Fatty acids
0 mg
omega 6 fatty acids
0 mg
Vitamin E

Take The Best EPA Supplement

There are several brands of fish oil, but the most effective EPA supplement is made of pure EPA. Some of these supplements contain a small amount of Omega-3 DHA, but most are high in ALA. The best EPA and DHA supplements contain more than a quarter of the recommended daily dose. Most health organizations recommend taking 250 to 500 mg of combined EPA and DHA each day, although this dosage will depend on your age and current health.

The best EPA supplement will contain a combination of EPA and DHA. Neuroaspis plp10 contains 810 mg of EPA and 4140 mg of DHA per 20 mL. The presence of fatty acids is crucial for brain function and cognitive health. In addition to ensuring optimal brain function, EPA supplements are also beneficial for your cardiovascular and neurological system.

EPA Supplements Give You The Right Amount Of Fatty Acids

EPA and DHA are important for overall health. It can help reduce triglyceride levels, and is a prescription drug for heart disease and depression. It can be used to treat symptoms associated with chemotherapy and may even help with recovery after surgery. Despite the benefits of EPA, there is not enough scientific evidence to support many other uses. This is why you should choose an EPA and DHA supplement that is backed by reputable organizations.

Additionally, EPA and DHA are essential for healthy brain function, and a good EPA supplement will provide you with a sufficient amount of this fatty acid. In addition to being important for your overall health, EPA and DHA are also known to have an effect on memory and cognition. It also improves your mood. For all of these benefits, EPA is an essential fatty acid that is essential for brain health and well-being.

Not all dietary supplements were created equal...

Unlike most dietary supplements, NEUROASPIS plp10 is a FORMULA. This means that every SINGLE one of its ingredients is included because of its specific health support* benefits.

NEUROASPIS plp10 proprietary FORMULA is the result of 14 years of Research & Development by a team of scientists distinguished in the fields of Neurology, Immunology, Lipidology and Clinical Nutrition.

NEUROASPIS plp10 was created to represent our 3 core beliefs – INTEGRITY, SUSTAINABILITY and INNOVATION

NEUROASPIS plp10 – the EPA DHA Supplement with liquid Omega 3 6 9 fish oil formulated with your needs in mind…

EPA DHA Supplement Liquid Omega 3 Fish Oil
NEUROASPIS plp10 Fish Equivalent
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