How NEUROASPIS plp10 Is Made

Welcome to the Journey of our NEUROASPIS plp10 premium dietary supplement. Unlike the majority of dietary supplement brands, we believe that our consumers have a right to know exactly how the products they are purchasing are manufactured, tested, packaged, stored and transported. 

In this section, we proudly explain the NEUROASPIS plp10 Journey from formulation right to delivery directly to our consumers’ homes. We want our consumers to understand that we really took our time hand-picking the best and purest ingredients from all over the World as well as designing a manufacturing process and delivery system of the highest standard that is worthy of fulfilling their needs.

When it comes to you, our consumers, we endeavour to always be “by your side for a healthier life“.

Part 1: From Research to Development

The NEUROASPIS plp10 Journey begun more than 14 years ago, with team of highly qualified Scientists and Healthcare Professionals researching and developing the NEUROASPIS plp10 patented dietary supplement formula.

No expense was spared until they discovered a formulation containing the optimum ratio of ingredients for helping support Brain and Heart health*.

The team of Scientists travelled all over the World to find the purest, most premium and environmentally friendly ingredients for  NEUROASPIS plp10. Using a long list of quality criteria and demanding only the highest-grade of ingredients, the Scientists were able to carefully select the best Suppliers to collaborate with.

We order all our ingredients exclusively from these pre-selected Suppliers that have been tested and approved time and time again, because we want to ensure that there would be absolutely no deviation to the quality of each and every batch of NEUROASPIS plp10.

These ingredients are then delivered to the manufacturing facility in charge of producing NEUROASPIS plp10 in Europe.

Scientists discovering NEUROASPIS plp10
NEUROASPIS plp10 Journey

Part 2: The Manufacturing Facility

NEUROASPIS plp10 Journey

As with everything we do – the manufacturing facility of NEUROASPIS plp10 not only adheres to the relevant Dietary Supplement regulations, but also aspires to stay one step ahead by looking to implement new regulations that might be required by the relevant authorities.

Unlike the majority of dietary supplements currently on the market, we willingly endured the high costs associated, and we insisted that NEUROASPIS plp10 be manufactured in a facility that also manufactures pharmaceutical products which require the highest level of compliance to laws and regulations.

In this way we endeavour to safeguard the quality of each and every batch of NEUROASPIS plp10 delivered to you. We would not be okay with receiving inferior quality products and neither should you.

Part 3: Our Quality Motto

The policy at the heart of everything we do to ensure that we only deliver to You and to your loved ones, the highest quality of products is that of “Check, Re-Check and Check again”.

Not only have all NEUROASPIS plp10 Suppliers been audited and carefully selected for their high quality standards, but as an additional precaution, once the ingredients arrive at the manufacturing facility, samples are methodically taken and brought for testing to the lab to ensure that the Suppliers keep fulfilling their promise of ingredient quality.

After all, even a patented and specially formulated dietary supplement such as NEUROASPIS plp10 is only as good and as pure as the ingredients that go into producing it.

Only if the tests show that the ingredients comply with specifications, will the lab then approve the ingredients for use in the production of NEUROASPIS plp10. We would never accept any compromise on the quality of our dietary supplement, anymore than you would.

Part 4: The Recipe for Success

With the ingredients now successfully tested and approved for use, the next step of the manufacturing methodology involves the mixing of these ingredients into a proprietary composition using proprietary steps detailed in the formulation of NEUROASPIS plp10.

This very important step is carried out using a top of the range Industrial Mixer, which of course complies with the relevant regulations of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). 

One by one the ingredients required are added to the Mixer in accordance with the manufacturing methodology and formulated into the exact ratios necessary to achieve the patented and proprietary formula that is NEUROASPIS plp10.

Part 5: Manufacturing System Advantage

Moving on to the next step of the manufacturing methodology, the NEUROASPIS plp10 proprietary mixture is now ready to be placed into individual glass bottles.

The Industrial Mixer is part of a Closed Manufacturing System which uses a smart system of pipes to safely and securely move NEUROASPIS plp10 from the Industrial Mixer directly to the Bottling Station. The important manufacturing system advantage of using such a Closed Manufacturing System in the production of NEUROASPIS plp10 is that it prevents any contaminants in the external environment from entering the product mixture. 

Part 6: Innovative Bottling Technology

The glass bottles now containing NEUROASPIS plp10 go straight to the Nitrogen Purging Station, where the innovative technology of Nitrogen Purging is used to further protect the quality of the product. Harmless Nitrogen gas, which makes up 78% of the air we breathe every day, is used to fill the remaining space in each NEUROASPIS plp10 glass bottle. 

Nitrogen gas is heavier than the majority of other gases in the air and so it forces these other gases, including Oxygen that would otherwise remain, to flow out of the NEUROASPIS plp10 bottle. This step is extremely important because it prevents the Oxygen in the air from staying in the bottle and reacting with the NEUROASPIS plp10 product mixture.

100% of NEUROASPIS plp10 bottling is done utilising this innovative Nitrogen Purging technology to ensure and protect the quality of this premium dietary supplement.

Once this step is successfully completed, the bottle cap equipped with a safety band is placed on the NEUROASPIS plp10 bottle and safely sealed. The tamper-evident safety band of the bottle cap is in place to prevent anyone from tampering with the NEUROASPIS plp10 bottle because your safety is priority.

Part 7: Our Quality Motto Continued

Now that the manufacturing process is completed, most dietary supplement companies would simply prepare the products for shipping and distribution to consumers. NEUROASPIS plp10 however, is NOT simply another dietary supplement and Gemworth Health is not like most dietary supplement companies. As far as the NEUROASPIS plp10 product journey goes, after the manufacturing of NEUROASPIS plp10 is complete…it is time for yet more rounds of laboratory testing.

Not a single bottle of NEUROASPIS plp10 will be released for shipping and distribution to consumers, before the testing results prove that every newly-manufactured NEUROASPIS plp10 batch adheres to specifications. 

Our Quality Motto of “Check, Re-Check and Check Again” comes into play yet again. Samples from the newly manufactured batch of NEUROASPIS plp10 are sent to the laboratory where scientists trained in Quality Control and Quality Assurance check that the product adheres to its specifications with no deviations or compromises in quality. Only after the laboratory confirms that the batch complies with specifications, is the newly manufactured NEUROASPIS plp10 batch released from the manufacturing facility for the final stage of the NEUROASPIS plp10 Journey –  that of shipping and distribution directly to Your door.

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